06 October 2008

when i started my blog in 1997
keeping up with content, worldwide
wasn't yet a fulltime job

more or less everybody is
more or less potentially a
more or less fulltime

generating barely-countable content-items
on mostly predictable hostsites

and trying, more or less
to discover and share
the best content created by others
commenting, critiquing and responding

without stooping to popular-mediocrity contests

struggling against ever-worsening odds

the browser for this future
needs to track all content authors
across all sites

remembering what's been seen
what's been recommended

streamlining the interface mechanics
so that a bottomless best-first queue
offers a customised range of content categories
with duplicates filtered/combined

new content from favorite authors
new recommendations from favorite critics
unplumbed favorites' archives

(inbox zero is passe)