06 October 2008

Feb/March 2009 links

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I heard, very softly, a new name (vDaily-short-arcane)

ways to measure / desire, invisible mover of ships (NPR)

Boardgame trashtalk (Ktku-short)

PhotoShop surrealism, &c (Smashing-1pg)

Martian 'mud volcano'? (astroPic)

Bubble blamed on income inequality (dontmiss via moonAL)

steaming-mug-of-pigmud.jpg (nDee)

2008 oil-bubble conspiracy theory (Forbes via iGrd)

"Banks' allies have lied continuously" (dBaker)

Online-education resources (lHack)

bDeLong defends Geithner (lucid via slaniel)

bhOb's 'change' just maximizes graft (iSteve)

Contrarian view of auto bailout (philG-short)

Web2.0 is bringin' me down (RWx-updated)

Re-animating GgMapsStView (Flash-30sec)

cHitchens remembers his antizionism (Slate via mW)

Archetypal smartsexyUKphotoblogger (flickr via sPubes)

Some girls who program (dOb)

Gammaray skymap (astroPic)

Short Sims3 preview (2pg w/Flash-2min via gAIdev)

Short MaryCoughlan intvu (ukMetro)

'landfill indie' = new music, too downbeat (dTongue)

Twitter #-categories experiment (@wefollow)

New cShirk article gets 500 tweet-links in 12hrs... (pg50of50-so-far)

...vs 300 on delicious (search)

I'm experimenting with Tumblr again (RW2)

This pic-series taps my adolescent fantasies (flickr-nsfw)

Y2K 'weblogs' mailinglist flashback (blog)

Most ineffably emo photographer ever (Foxeto)

birds in black masks who huddle on high limbs / passing berries from one mouth to another (vDaily-dontmiss)

$12 Apple ][ (Wired via Klint)

Paintings done on iPhone (Make)

Lucid Lenat on WolframAlpha (arcanish via sPzzl)

Deconstructing Alexander McQueen (1pg-friv-30pix)

HelloWorld 2.0 (Twittersearch via tehawesome)

Clicktracking reveals ontology of sciences (sciBlg w/pic)

Comic-archetype combinatorics (pic via Waxy)

AIPAC crows that bhOb's a pushover (sWalt)

'Israel Lobby' gets 1000 hits in 24 hours (GgNews)

Extracredit haikus re hoverboard raptors (short via reddit)

ATC quotes cFreeman on IsraelLobby (NPR)

Slomo catyawn (Flash-30sec)

WallSt, looting as usual (NyT via dB)

Nerd meritbadge update (links via Make)

Woz Kant Danz (yT-7min)

'desire line' = off-sidewalk path (dTongue)

Fascinating transcript of 'Raiders of Lost Ark' origins (loong via Steve)

Israel pursues seo (searchengine optimisation) (viN)

pjHarvey update (ukG via Jz)

Long DrewBarrymore profile (W via wSmirch)

My 1st Greasemonkey script: adding replies-search to Twitter (uScripts)

More Wolfram hype (long via reddit)

Search Twitter for obfusc-shortened links (eg via Waxy)

SuzanneVega on melody (blog via lNerd)

You have to dip your hands in chaos (vDaily-long)

Wolfram claims semantic-search breakthru (blog via gPost)

'fannings' = teadust used in teabags (dTongue)

28 unreleased jLennon demos (mp3s via proJo)

Fun rainbow-cake recipe (cLovers)

Troubling theory of AIG bailout (moonAL)

red as the rapture, red as the heart's wrung rag (vDaily-arcane)

MargotKidder thoughtfully reminisces (3pg via Pepys)

Arty erotica, nice music (Flash-60sec-nsfw)

'Cracked' researches some wtf images (1pg)

New mood in DC re Israel (Haaretz)

Gallery charges thousands for 2yo's fingerpaintings (2min-QT via Jz)

Bailout keeps sucking (pKrug-short)

ArundhatiRoy on Slumdog (Dawn)

Print 500pg book from Wikipedia for $20 (Make w/link)

calling us back / to the black sands of sleep (vDaily-longish)

"Wait, seriously?" (oDinny)

State-of-the-art visualisation of emergency river-landing (yT-2min)

sWalt names IsraelLobby names (mWeiss)

the car doors' thud, thud-thud (poems)

Lite-porn esthetic manifesto (sPubes-1pg-sfw)

Concise info-theory of... the con? (bB via @mjb)

"I did not consent to this brightness" (oDsf-tsiaa)

When I was a girl I used to lie down / in the pressed-grass hollows where the deer had slept (poems.com)

the sea / Of artifice and animality (vDaily-longish)

How to minimize college tuition costs (iSteve)

Cartoon face w/6 emotion-sliders (Flash via lf)

SemanticWeb gaining traction via universal database (NyT via Fim)

Named catfur-coloring patterns (Wiki via dTongue)

vLucid rant against starving-artist mythos (pTrunk via sPubes)

Don't-miss text-editing animated (jScrpt via gTxA)

Painless explanation of HDR pix (high dynamic range) (Flash-2min)

Neurological odor-of-evil postulated (nSci w/60sec-vid)

Anti-CSS&c movement (Webless via Trvium)

5yrs of topnotch blogging (AmericanCaliban)

A formula for Web2.0 'friction'? (RWx-short)

MemeWatch: 'admit it' day (twittersearch)

Understanding Twitter (RWx)

How WallSt plans to profit despite crisis (list via Sam)

MemeWatch: signs of the apocalypse (twitter-search)

Superb critique of WallSt risk-math (arcanish via iGrd)

UK coed brainiac hottie (ukInd w/pic)

"Richard Perle is a liar" (sWalt)

'friction' = waste resistance to creativity (dFire via gPost)

Injecting Geneva Convention into wargaming (Ktku)

Bible wiki (ning via jAqi)

Nice day for @random blog (tumblr)

Update on BBC's audio leCarre (ukTms)

'Waltz w/Bashir' as propaganda (Haaretz via mW)

Afghan supply-route fubar update (moonAL)

Random-diy-album-cover challenge (Vh1)

Semilucid neutron-star update (lSci)

Orthodox rabbis must avoid crosses (Haaretz via mRiv)

jPollard espionage mystery lingers (viN)

Issa makes a busstop friend (mySpace)

TARP vs Catch22's chocolate-covered cotton (loong via mAL)

Orthodox editorial against Israeli swimsuit model (INN via viN)

Faces rated for trustworthiness/dominance (nSci w/Flash-2min via limbic)

'Ben Tre logic' = destroying something to 'save' it (miSh)

Scary graph of rising USA tuition (iGreed)

Where the fang that enters / The human heart grows from a human mouth (vDaily)

Twitter's two cultures: Retweeters vs Favrders (RWx-short)

DaytonOH houses around $1000 (AOL-search)

"Well, that was unpleasant" (oDvrwhr)

every time we speak we stun / the word (vDaily)

Play chess endgames vs computer (jScript via bSp)

vElegant comparative movie-trilogy ratings (pic via Waxy)

HuffPo book pg15 recommends you not 'humor' me (search for 'jorn')

More space-debris calculations (nSci)

Oct2008 bkgndr on new teevee product placement (nyMag-7pg)

(Old dog buried at new house?) (Poems w/jLund)

Father at 13yo (Flash-90sec via Jz)

Space-risks from crash-debris (lSci)

Progress sequencing 38kyo Neanderthal genome (nSci)

Was Moody's the #1 villain? (dBeast via reddit)

Fun political rant (Jz w/liiiinks)

naked newly turned soil / studded with skinny pale dicotyledons (vDaily)

China holds nose and buys more Treasuries (FT via iGrd)

8byte-profiling resolves Shakespearean authorship? (sciBlog w/graphs)

Satellite collision scatters space debris (CBS via nWatch)

Free paper recycles blogposts (dInsp)

noChom's perspective on current crises (FPiF-loong)

Wolf in sheep's drag (Sinfest)

Skeat's 1893 etymological dictionary (GgBks-100Mb-pdf)

Animating Watchmen's Rorschach's mask (Flash-3min)

NyT-micropayments-design suggestions (Fim)

Audio samples of great poets reading badly (ukG w/links)

'agnotology' = study of disinfo-propagation (Wired via lmG)

'Disney girls' short predictable career-arc (Jz)

More 'gay Jesus' debate (Dec2008 via ntWrong)

Nice new Hubble galaxy/deepfield (4000*4000 jpeg)

Lying UPI Iran-bashing (moonAL)

Glass bowls wait to be filled / with gold broth (NPR)

Thoughtful blogs link odd CargoCult essay (GgBlogs-52hits)

Unregulated biotech potato pesticide timebomb nightmare (NyT-1998-1pg-loong via reddit)

MemeWatch: nerd pickup lines (Twitter-search)

Handwritten vivWestwood fashion 'manifesto' (pic-arcane via Jz)

Okay new LoudonWainwright blues (NPR-3min)

Oxford updates kids' dictionary (wordlists via Arthur)

Israeli army's poisonous new racism (cPunch)

cShirk last night in London (90min-mp3)

Movie planned of rStone's Damascus Gate (vshort)

FlightOfTheConchords does WestSideStory (yT-3min)

"The challenge is writing CSS that looks good if you don't know ahead of time what your content is going to be" (blog via reddit)

Surprising vote for MortonSmith's 'gay' Jesus (jTabor-short)

Web3.0 = favorites-matching (RWx-short)

Israel boycott brandnames (yT-3min via wakeUp)

Female merit badges (pic via Jz)

7-sins combinatorics (Indexed-2007 via reddit)

Landmark cell-bio animations (yT-8min-dontmiss)

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