06 October 2008

November 2008 links

Mysterious acorn drought in east USA (WaPo via @r)

AlisonBechdel profile (ukG)

Unforeseen risks of nanoparticles (sciNews)

SamPo's in the tent (i2day)

NASA nixes 24/7 ISS-cams (nasaW)

Pink katydid (tHow-pic)

Sirius/XM in trouble (/. w/links)

35 Things Every PC User Should Know (pcW-1pg-2007)

Upsidedown font on Twitter (eg)

Vsurreal 'topless' robot (yT-90sec)

bhOb vs JFK-vs-Israel (afP via dDuke)

Snarky McCrum on digital storytelling (UkG)

4D-photoshop prototype (Flash-4min)

Why I Love Twitter (timO via etH)

WoW-addiction/waste (thread via mCass)

Blame securitisation (Sam)

Missing Wikipedia math articles (list via /.)

Fake-news ontology (Wired via Fim)

cShirk asks twitts re no-atheists-in-soupkitchens? (searchpattern)

Monday night skywatch (lSci)

Plausible mechanism for red-wine rejuvenating (NyT via /.)

Gaza genocide (ukG via slan)

Islamic banking looking smart (csM via 2mm)

Suspect JihadUnspun blogger abducted in P'stan (Wiki via wakeUp)

I am to be spun sugar, the universe / untethered (vDaily)

ArundhatiRoy predicted Mumbai? (mRev-short)

NATO in A'stan goes all-propaganda (moonAL)

Likely planet 50 l.y. away (astroPic)

Tilt-shift monster truck rally (4min via eMage)

1st 4pg of HughLaurie's 1996 novel (Az-Flash)

2700yo ganja found in China (Can via lf)

Marvellous LyndaBarry intvu on creativity, etc (2pg-loong)

Current bailout vs Great Depression (pKrug-short)

Rx: massive deficit spending (dBaker)

The douchebag scale (map via dNotes)

Profile of spy novelist cMcCarry (Oz)

Vhip 'Hi and Lois' comic (local)

48 nice comicbook covers (1pg)

8 decades of NYC novels (1 per) (UkG-list)

Update/bkgd on 'ThePrisoner's Village (Oz via 'KT')

Intentionality-theory made semigraphic (yT-3min via Fim)

Hindu-plot theory for Mumbai (moonAL)

B*mb* named Jennifer answering office phone... (oDoffice)

USA quietly surrenders to Iraq? (UkG via Xym)

Over-the-top holiday 'Nancy' (comics.com)

long beans in moonlight / hanging from the limbs (vDaily)

Biggest losers in crash (20pg via viN)

Top-grossing chick flicks (list via Jz)

Lovely meditation on 'Twilight' series (Atl-dontmiss via Jz)

c1970 Life pictorial on rockstars' parents' at home (1pg via FMU)

14 vmixed reviews for new BazLuhrmann, summarised (Jz)

JewsForJesus tribute to Dylan's christian phase (Nxtbk)

wBu economises on Hanukkah cards (viNei)

michelleObama snark (iSteve)

Short history of long popsongs (UkG)

Rhetorical tropes in bhOb's speeches (ukG)

Jp zine gives 9 games perfect scores in 10yrs (Ktku-list)

Serial-fiction revival via Web (UkG w/links)

Dashcam fireball may help triangulate orbit (astroPic)

Depressed flickrgirl (mMcI)

The new language of poverty (oDinny)

Obama's Kenyan family reunion (iSteve)

Droll analogy btwn Beijing swimsuits and WallSt de-regs (iGreed)

TomFrank on failure of govt outsourcing (WSJ-dontmiss)

Crash crisis lacks media visuals (bingBong via iGrd)

US states should formalise best foods by laws (bramC-short)

7 worst movies since 2000 (Cinem)

Media exempt Fed from accountability (philG-vshort)

YouTube backlash (nDee-jpeg)

Pop Songs About Female Masturbation (10yTubes)

GuitarHero/RockBand boost cd sales too (NyT via Ktku)

rGates' role in Iran-Contra still secret (Cnsrtium)

Fine art reproduced via sliced vegetables (Make w/links)

Nader on Obama/Carter/Israel (cPunch)

Update on Dean 'Segway' Kamen (Esq-long)

Citibank + Rubin = crony capitalism (dBaker-short)

Yesterday's jetpack daredevil videos (yTube)

Hotsauce recipe (NyT via Make)

Reassuring perspective on crash (dBaker-tOut)

30sec remote video of strange new squid (nGeo-2pg via lf)

Conway'sLife glossary (27pg via finnb)

Collective twitterpoem via shared password (blog)

Exotic nanogeometry for H2 storage (nSci)

Seafloor amoeba big as grapes (nSci w/pix)

GgChrome adds bookmarks manager (download)

Paranoid Israeli reading of bhOb's choices (jPost-long)

vanGogh textures in fps game (yT-2min via Waxy)

IlleanaDouglas's sign for paparazzi (pic via Jz)

Words filtered by Gg's 'safe' setting (list via rRuby)

False eyelashes get WILD (1pg via Jz)

Occupations vs IQs (jpeg)

Popstar homepage screenshots (1pg-phat)

Laughing babies won AFHV $100k (yT-70sec)

Tasers suck (blog via Msspn)

Awesome literary blog (eg)

Financial sector isn't worth this (moonAL-short)

bhOb's choice of Geithner (dBaker-UkG)

Bernanke's history of fumbling (NYer-looong)

US interstates as orthogonal grid (1000*800 jpeg via wLotta)

'burrowing' = sneaking appointees into civilservice (dTongue)

Virtual linedancing (3yTubes)

RachaelMaddow profile (Newswk via rRuby)

CitiGroup crash backstory (NyT-loong via rRuby)

wBu escapes housingbubbleblame? (iSteve)

No perfect coming-of-age flick for girls? (Jz-5pg-thread)

180 sun-moon-Lisbon panorama (astroPic-wiiiiide)

"How do 5yos even know about..." (oDvrwhr)

'Butterfly effect' (Sinfest)

Long gossipy TildaSwinton update (Scotland)

Customisable roleplaying pdfs (animated-menu via Make)

'history necklace' = beads 4Byo, 2Byo, 1Byo, etc (chrisCrawford)

Speedy analysis of who's linking yr pages (site via lf)

India's elaborate henna tattoos (1pg w/pix)

bhOb ?= Clinton + Gitmo (moonAL)

'Recession Roadshow' = "Yr damienHirst has lost 90% of its value" (ukInd-pHen#)

Japanese 60s pop (12mp3s)

Nice shortstory (flickr!?)

MichaelLewis anthology on recent bubbles (WSJ-intvu via gPost)

'ikea pussy' = sexy europeans (bonerParty)

Sims3 preview (Feb2009) (intvu via gAInews)

Scant coverage of Nobel crit of Israel (GgN)

Africans innovate w/cellphones (pcW via jGerm)

The usual 'House' story (Cracked)

'menaissance' = backlash against feminism (GgW via etH)

Brainiacs debate financial armageddon (cTimb via rRuby)

I wished the story of hunger / Could be funny (pBlind-arcane)

Earliest known 'meh' on soc.motss (membs of same sex) (GgG-1992)

'quanta of solace' ?= minimal units of comfort (oThink-list)

It's good to be a girl, / and a tree, with the wind in it (vDaily-dontmiss)

Free movie commentary/soundtracks (egs via Cinem)

New pMcCartney album online (Flash via lf)

19yo Israeli refusenik back in jail (RWx w/links)

Superb update on Netflix recommender-contest (NyT-long via Cinem)

Neocon thinktank testcase (moonAL)

17 types of natural-fractal pix (1pg via 2mm)

Spycam meteor strike almost too perfect (yTube-16sec via cMonk)

10 Stupid Baby Names Not Nearly As Stupid As 'Bronx Mowgli Wentz' (Vh1)

Fed still pushing on string (graph-arcanish)

$600 robot can dance (yTube-6min)

iFink debunks KingDavid claim (JTA)

1st spinwavelogicgate (newSci)

CatStevens welcomes Jacko to Islam?? (ukSun via Jz)

Funny WizardOfId!?? (Comics.com)

hPaulson threatened armageddon to get $700B (Sam w/audio-link)

Iris Murdoch dementia center (gallery)

Novelist auditions for Bollywood career (Hrprs-loong)

17*17 font from 16thC (jpeg)

Comediennes test rape taboo (Jz w/4yTubes)

Midrash on everyflavorbeans (orthodox)

G20 leaders won't shake wBu's hand (yTube-60sec)

Ask.com's moronic autofill suggestions (Vh1)

Gorgeous paintings by bonobos, orangutans (nSci-11pg)

2008 sea piracy atop GgMaps (map via angus)

New trailer for nGaiman's 'Coraline' (yTube-3min)

Mawkish profile of indie game guy jRohrer (Esq)

Clothing-choice anticipates likely stains (Pickles)

JimiHendrix documentary as 75 free mp3s (1st-20 via FMU)

Bailout screws 3rd world (dBaker-vshort)

100Myo geologic foundation of Obama victory (maps via Gm)

How philG would fix economy (1pg-long-arcane)

Backgrounder on Facade duo (Atlantic-2006)

Tech review of Facade AI (1pg-arcane)

Updike disses current fiction (local via Esq)

Semantic websites annotated (2pg w/list)

Arcane overview of 'Facade' AI (yTube-60min via gAIdev)

Spacewalking astronette loses toolbag (Flash-2min via lf)

Fallout3 inspiring to designers (bGamer-longish)

MediaLab adds 'Future Storytelling' labette (mWatch via dTongue)

Does yr mortgage qualify for bailout? (cStock via iGrd)

750BC Aramaic-dialect stele (NyT via Ralph)

2-8M 'Life' mag photos added to GgI (Blgscpd)

"We have not yet received any secret demand under the Patriot Act" (Risks#)

DNA test reveals 5600 species in human gut (lSci)

SpikeJonze/WildThings intvu ( Cinem/AICN-loong w/pix)

Black hole detectivework (sciBlog-arcane)

Winning int-fiction in Flash (Jay via eShort)

GgVoiceSearch starts w/extreme compression (Waxy-arcane)

TimRobbins votescam postmortem (HuffPo via Jz)

Okay new Timbaland/Rihanna video (Flash-5min via Jz)

Subprime prostitute-millionaires? (bizWk-long via Sam)

Bioengineers Outsmarted By Strain Of Intelligent Wheat (Onion-45sec)

Around her the aura of something golden was fighting / with whip-like straps of something black (vDaily-longish)

Rave for physicality of parkour game (Wired via Joel)

HalWillner does Marianne Faithfull (pFork w/Flash-links)

Biblical archeology on Nova tomorrow (Yahoo via wakeUp)

'House' drinkinggame rules (sciBlg)

75 comics being made into films (list via /.)

LiLo gets flourbombed by PETA (yTube-3min via Yeeeah)

New doc about KateBush fans (QT-53min)

'cool guy discount' = at cashier's discretion (GgW-18hits via lOdor)

Put Six Hats & Flat Black & Hot (Twitter-poem)

Oil-industry Flash-sim (spoilers w/link via Triv)

Media still ignoring obvious wBu culpability (Cnsrtium-long)

Turning food into modern art (1pg-loong via Make)

'bliss point' = perfect ?saltiness (dTongue)

50 best tilt-shift pix (1pg-vphat)

2nd try RWx Twitter-mirror (Twitter-rwaux)

60min 1994 BBC pkDick doc (6yTubes via uTms)

Drugs in literature: a brief history (UkG-list)

Burning flowers flickrset (under100hits)

Men are from autism, women are from schizophrenia (NyT via rRuby)

Best books for each of 50 states (blogtagsearch)

Online coloringbook sites (cLovers)

Europeans friendly to usAmericans again (mWeiss-vshort)

Backstory/update on WmWharton tragedy (OR-local)

'keistered' = hidden up butt (dTongue)

BarbieDolls sponsor hip girls' webshow (Jz w/Flash-8min)

two cats checking in on me / as i tiptoe around the knobs (Issa-short)

GgEarth gallery adds AncientRome layer (download/2min-yTube via /.)

Boycotting Israeli products effective? (Haaretz via wakeUp)

32 state-of-art microphotos (1pg via etH)

AI in today's 'Strange Brew' comic (RWx-short)

Scotland birdsongnamemappoem (sMaps)

Sort-of-AI comic reference (StrangeBrew)

JoniM live in Paris 1972 (19mp3s via proJo)

Mearsheimer free in Chgo Monday (BEZ)

IsraelLobby on IFC Tuesday (site)

New cShirky vid on designing for generosity (Flash-25min)

Wildfire Somehow Rages Back Into Control (Onion-tsia)

1st visible-light extrasolar planet (astroPic)

Mearsheimer guardedly hopeful (mWeiss)

Joey loved her, brushed back her blond hair, / wouldn't leave her (Poems-short)

Building a better (math) proof-checker (sciNews-arcane)

Amusing compilation of bubble deniers (yTube-10min via iGrd)

24 eco/recycling questions for dummies (newSci-1pg)

13 nice 2008 nature photos (nSci-13pg)

Dutchman finds 2000yo Celtic coins (lSci w/pic)

New model of GreatPyramid construction (Flash-5min)

Good dancer... spectacular ending (yTube-60sec)

GgFriendConnect for blog comments, etc (90sec-yTube)

Readable Iraq update (cPunch-pCock)

Evolution and male bonding (newSci)

Ancient Greek consulted Oracle re lost blanket (short-friv)

Dems don't win-- GOP just loses? (graph)

Anti-AIPAC PAC tallies score (jJour)

Parkour sidescroller (Flash via Ktku)

$700B could give us all a piece of new banks (iGreed-short)

US Constitution eroded beyond recognition (loong via Sam)

Priceline.com offering best hotel deals (philG-vshort)

What bhOb won't even try to do (moonAL-longish)

Gourmet roast broccoli (recipe via lf)

Compilation of Lieberman attacks on bhOb (yTube-3min via Jz)

Fancy robot-physics game, Incredibots (Flash via fMotion)

Choreographed bullettime Toshiba ad (yTube-60sec)

LBP/MirrorsEdge mashup (yTube-90sec)

tFrank compares WWI to housingbubble (WSJ-shortish)

Lucid econ synopsis since Clinton (dBaker)

Female-themed alcohol brands (Jz-1pg)

Don't Answer The Telephone (oDvrwhr)

.2mm Vermeer (sciBlog)

VanDykeParks Listening Party (1pg w/Flash)

From Liar'sPoker to the latest crash (loong-vreadable via iGrd)

GgReader can now auto-translate any feed (blog)

Nader rips bhOb a new one over Israel (ragged via Sam)

'rosary' = websitesurfcycle (GgW-Obl)

Gummi Legos (diy via Make)

bhOb's secret cigarette habit? (iSteve-spec)

Amazon missionary rejects Bible, Chomsky (UkG-don't-miss)

Orangutan spearfishing (jpeg via eAard)

'wine track'/'beer track' = white-/blue-collar (dTongue)

Extending minimal int-fiction vocabulary (eShort-list-arcanish)

On a scale of 1 to 3, wBu scores -18 (chrisCrawford)

'sleevefacing' = posing behind lp coverface (ukTms-no-pix)

SF artmuseum's zooming interface (Flash via iAesth)

Decent Nader intvu (cPunch)

3 short LBP ads in questionable taste (Flash)

?!Haunting cLauper/GirlsFun cover (mp3)

No bhOb relief from mideast bellicosity (aWar via wakeUp)

$10 subatomic-particle plush toys (1pg via Make)

7 Deadly Sins of Online Gaming (1pg-smart)

HowMuchWasYrVoteWorth map (NyT)

"The hallways kept breaking out with chants of 'ObamaObamaObama'" (flickr)

Neat election-map variants (1pg via Make)

Digital 'polaroid' cameras due (no-pricing)

Housingbubblefingerpointing (kDen-rant)

The semantic sky: starpix algorithmically annotated (flickr-pool via Make)

?!JohnBoorman making animated 'Oz' (vshort via Cinem)

New 2007 StudsTerkel intvu (Esq-short)

Baby steps towards game programming (really, start with Conway's Life) (1pg via angus)

Lousy realworld interface annotated by users (pic via angus)

Commercials misusing rock tunes (2pg-9yTubes)

20 Baghdad bombings in last 4days (moonAL)

'(have) fingertips' = sensitivity, tact (dTongue)

Daily comix finally free, w/rss (blog via Waxy)

Rejected jBond themes (10yTubes)

Adding realistic wildfires to wargame (gSutra via Ktku)

Indiana highschool hosts noCho teleconference (local w/audio link)

Awesome giant page o'widgets (Flash via iAesth)

'chiefing' = graffiti on slumper (uDic)

Saturn's icy moon from 1000miles away (astroPic)

Ideal column-width = 1.5 alphabets? (40char) (rThmb)

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklm
Halloween anecdotes (dYeti)

One Breast Exposed (blog-nsfw)

USA 2008 ?biblebelt visualisation (pKrug)

Celeb gossip started w/18thC obits (sciBlog-short)

WaMu underwriter spills beans (NyT via Sam)

12 c1900 postcards imagining y2000 (1pg via lf)

there is something other: wilderness of the thistles... (short-prosepoem)

Amazon's best-of-2008 incl LyndaBarry (Az)

Nader calls bhOb 'Uncle Tom' (yTube-3min)

Mindboggling WSJ defense of wBu (pKrug-short w/link)

US-elections map w/nifty year-slider (NyT via ?)

Morning-after wet-blanket survey of bhOb's flaws (Sam-long)

Running-with-unicorn disaster (flickr)

Carolyn Chute update (NyT w/pic)

LyndaBarry intvu (WA via Magpie)

KateBush still 2nd coolest in UK (list)

Synopsis of LittleBigPlanet reviews (1pg w/links)

Lurid Kerouac/Burroughs gossip (ukInd via ?)

Cute pic of SJP's kid (Jz)

If sPalin should somehow win... (Jz-survey)

Tributes for Joni's 65th (WSJ!? via Jz)

Gossipy new KateMoss bio (ukMail via Jz)

'noCho' = NoamChomsky (mWeiss-passim)

'myco-diesel' = promising fungal fuel source (Wired)

Martian sanddune detectivework (lSci-arcane)

US proportional electoral map (pKrug)

"I like sounding smart and stupid at the same time" (oDinny)

'k-hole' = ketamine trip (Wiki via aestok)

MST3K reunion intvu (Onion)

New Israel/9-11 link (Lb w/popup via Xym)

Gifted 8yo's flickrstream (200pix)

Freaky macaque pic (NatGeo via Jz)

10000BC ceremonial burial of 45yo woman (sciNews w/pix)

Autistic kids love Google's 3D app (yTube-4min via 2mm)

Sordid JohnnyCarson gossip (nyPost via Jz)

Game designers unconsciously assume work-ethic (long)

Compelling 2nd-person short story (NYer)

Interesting PeterBrook update (NYer-longish)

10 Things 3D Printers Can Do Now (1pg w/pix via MAke)

Republican states take most handouts (table via mccaw)

89 of Vh1's annotated 'pop-up videos' (MTV via L&T)

The Real Robinson Crusoe's Campsite Found (sciBlog)

Why systems fail (laws of human stupidity) (lists via 2mm)

Lurid closeup of hen laying egg (yTube-40sec)

JaneGoodall intvu on African poverty (short via gPost)

2008 race echoes WestWing-tv (NyT via edV)

Credit card crises (Mish-long)

Tastemakers 2.0 (RWx-short)

New RobertStone intvu (Can)

with women that have dead hair, / with bakers who are as white as angels (Neruda-Bly-long)

thinking / that they remember the place / as they feel themselves climbing (NPR-shortish)

chasing the fury that moves through the quiet / that's always under the fury above (vDaily-short)

Above average PostSecret(s) (1pg-longish)

First, fire all the economists... (dBaker)

Sometimes I bring Ruskin along (Poems-longish)

'Boku' ?= MS answer to LittleBigPlanet (Ktku w/vid. links)

Thread about Spore's science (arcane via gAInews)

Sorted list of architectural design principles (1pg-long)

'Creep' chorale (4min-mp3 via glass)

Visualising USA's lagging world status (800*1200 jpeg)

WmWharton's paintings (Polish)

Turkish carvings/site may date from 9000BC (15pg via tOccult)

RollingStone study of DFW's last days (11pg via tDi)

GgAndroid-hacking temp setback (Obl)

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