06 October 2008

The usual url/bookmark story

are the primary currency/coinage of the Web

so if we want to
nail the bookmark entitytype
into its usual-story-historical framework
for semanticweb purposes

we need to sketch
the usual url-bookmark story

the creator substory:
content conceived
content created
content posted
url shared

the consumer substory:
surfer has motivation
surfer has methodology
methodology ranks url-sources
surfer offered url by url-source
surfer notes offer mentally
surfer notes offer physically ('to-read' list)
surfer visits url
surfer partially consumes content
surfer rejects content, erases notes
surfer extends notes for later
surfer wholly consumes content
surfer passes-on url with comments
surfer acknowledges url-source(s)

the derivative-work substory:
surfer conceives related new content
surfer acknowledges url's influence

the historian substory:
broader path of url traced/reconstructed
traced-path posted

of course
there are almost infinite variations
on this skeleton

but a true semantic Web
will only become possible
when every stage
of every bookmark's history
can be tagged with its appropriate

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