06 October 2008

Calculate your blogscore

[i want to tweak this until it accurately reflects mature blogging habits-- eg losing points for deleting unread posts...]

[i think it needs to be broken down into categories: pix, music, vids, tweets, news? humor? gossip?]

[i'm a newbie myself in some of these areas]

[some domains have better filtering tools available]

[you should score higher for finding meta-sources than straight sources]

[there may be objective network-math definitions possible: mathematically optimal coverage]

[each domain has a global average new-content rate;
each user has a time/value tradeoff curve for that content;
each filter delivers some average value per time]

# of rss subscriptions

# of flickr subscriptions
# of flickr-faves subscriptions

# of mp3-blog subscriptions

# of twitter-faves subscriptions

# of youtube-faves subscriptions