06 October 2008

December 2008 links

Hidden Kindle fragility-costs (philG)

Been there, done that, great minds (twitter searchpattern)

Pro claims football sim helped training (short via Fim)

More Gaza background (ukInd)

Details on Aubrey-Maturin dinner (pix)

Google targets power-supply inefficiencies (NyT via edV)

Snappy ?new Beck vid, Youthless (yT-3min via cTip)

dBaker in SF Friday night ($10 donation)

Do I look like the angel of home and hearth with this strange green / fire in my hands? (NPR)

Anybody's guess: four 2009 scenarios (iGreed)

Sled flips newsman (yT-30sec via Fail)

Aubrey-Maturin dinner menu (arcanish)

Queen of Chinese folk music (yT-7min via enthssm)

DaveBarry's 2008 in review (WaPo via lf)

Survey of nonlinear evolution of animal intelligence (sciAm via /.)

Loong cShirk intvu re journalism2.0 (CJR-2pg)

aAbunimah on Gaza (bkgd/context) (ukG via mW)

1978 StarWars xmas special (GgV-2hr via twitter)

rFisk on Gaza (ukInd)

one could from a smoky cell / By talisman or spell / Coerce the Zodiac (NYer-rWilbur)

114 puzzles w/answers from heDudeney (pGut-1907)

27 short diverse ideas (CBC-list via @rand)

1054AD supernova in xrays (astroPic)

The blood drips from their fangs (Xym)

"Full heart, empty wallet" (oDinny)

The Little Taiko Boy (800*1400 gif)

Disturbing ending to ukG graphic story (RWx-30pg)

Intriguing sJohnson bio of Priestley (laTms via jGerm)

dSimon/Homicide/Wire/Shield backgrounder (ukG-long)

tCruise in Tropic Thunder (yT-4min)

New details on sPalin-family drug bust (AP via Jz)

Pinter speech also on yTube, GgV (GgV-49min w/link)

10 handy tricks to re-use stuff (lHack-links)

2 new GetYrWarsOn (mnftiu)

Pinter's 2005 Nobel critique of US foreign policy (wmp/Real-46min, transcript)

Kristof wrong about economics of charity (dBaker-short)

dGibbons' Watchmen intvu (Wired via lmG)

Couchpotatoes love Snuggies blankets (twitter)

Loong Pinter bio/obit (ukTel)

MemeWatch: favoriting yourself (Twitter searchpattern)

Genetic clues to complex Balkan prehistory (shortish via gPost)

Robin Cook: 'al Qaeda' is just US propaganda (vshort via cWalla)

New AniDifranco intvu (2pg-longish)

Curmudgeonly TedNelson timeline of info science (1pg via gTxA)

8 Old School Toys That Got Badass Makeovers (2of2pg)

Top art-direction in 2008 games (bGamer)

Lend the daylight crescent, circle, spume (vDaily)

And then / the history of forgetting would begin (Poems)

Yoyodyne on Forbes' top25 fictional co's (19of25 via gruber)

Sabbath electronics not kosher (viN)

My 14 faves from sGum's mp3s (RWx w/mp3s)

Optimising public transit as a user game (edV)

250 journalists on Twitter (1pg-masterlist)

Animated 3D yinyang avatar (twitter)

sGum's 50 best free mp3s of 2008 (250Mb-zip via 1bit)

$100 Coby laptop a hoax (blog via Engdgt)

Lucid detail on Hebron settlers (long via mWeiss)

10 Things Started on Usenet (thread via twitter)

Witty CurrentTV lampoon of jewelry ads (4min via meMo)

bhOb's dozen+ Bilderbergers (list via wakeUp)

16yo SusieBright visits 1974 PlayboyClub (long-nsfw)

More wretched web2.0 excess (friendfeed)

Obit for Mrs Noam Chomsky (local)

Snarky pHensher on teevee, movies (ukInd-friv)

Contest winners mostly from India!? (short, odd)

Jewish blog acknowledges Jewish racism (short w/thread)

Personal web2.0 housecleaning (edV)

PC bias in new mGladwell (iSteve-loong)

150 of the best new poems on the Internet (RW-del)

Fabric-art maps (1pg-long via @rand)

'chantepleurer' = singing thru tears (ukTel via 2mm)

Denver planecrashee on twitter (searchpattern via Fim)

vContrarian prescription for Detroit (iSteve)

'flipper' = CNN's 'crawl' upgrade (dTongue-no-vid?)

If programming languages were [list] (links/thread via Triv)

qFiore2.0 for teen girls (dNotes)

Celebs ranked by jewishness (top=15)

India avoided USA's mistakes (PhilG-short)

Israeli compares Israel to Hitler (moonAL)

MemeWatch: drunk Jeff Goldblum (8yTs via Cinem)

JohnLanchester gets videogame artistry (LRB-loong)

cShirky on/at Health2.0 (Flash-20min)

"Happy as a clam without a uterus!" (oDvrwhr)

30+ funniest tweets per day (Favrd-RSSable)

Nifty Visual Guide to Bailout (pic w/links)

How Jewish Is Hollywood? (laTms via iSteve)

Anthropomorphised frozen waffles (cHum-80sec via nTndo)

Exquisite Wolcott on Updike (LRB-longish)

Gaza update (LRB)

Palin grandbaby name ideas (twitter)

a pious lie / in the heart / of history (GgT-flickr-9000)

Bawdy tribute to 63yo hMirren (bParty)

vElegant venn-diagrammer for tweets (Java via dInsp)

UN242 backstory (ukInd-Fisk)

Recent trends in band names (OnionAV-looong)

Unfriendly $500 solar power for laptops (1pg via Engdgt)

Watching bad press conf: Nobody has shoes? (tweet)

New Sims3 trailer (Flash-60sec)

30 best movie opening-sequences (1pg-30yT)

Interesting DavidSimon intvu (NPR-8min)

Mt. Pizzaholic tee (nDee-jpg)

all / those sticks and stones that shape a lasting / worldly frame (Poems)

3D-printed Spore avatars $50 (Ktku)

WallSt bonus horror stories (NyT via Mssssssppfrn)

28 more videogames being made into movies (1pg-list via Ktku)

bhOb's an AAA con-artist (Sam)

Cute Banksy (flickr)

Baby Beyonce wannabe (Flash-2x-3min via mat)

Fun ?postmortem on Madoff swindle (iSteve)

Heh: 'faith-based heterosexuals' (GgW-2hits)

Rollover world hangover cures (nGeo-Flash via Jz)

Periodic table of awesomeness (pic via lmG)

Xmas letter from Bethlehem (oJ)

Is Beetle Bailey in Iraq?!? (today)

wBlake fiasco bicentennial (ukG)

Subset of robotwisdom Twitter faves: useful/true (4pg-rwaux)

Lily Allen Lights Up The Joint (Jz-pic)

Death Map USA (4pg)

Flying shoes express facts-on-ground (cPunch-pCock)

LittleDragon are the new CocteauTwins (2yTubes-4min)

bOINGbOINGzEITGEIST (RWx-short w/link)

Gloomy case against econ stimulus (moonAL)

More on sSontag diaries (nyMag-2pg via Jz)

6 scientific/historical mysteries (Cracked-2pg)

FBI using turned-off cellphones to eavesdrop (Cnet via Sam)

My Twitter faves have their own rss feed (yay)

adult height = 2*(2yo height) (RoT)

(Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far away...) (GgT-flickr-9000)

SusanSontag's teen diary (NYer-bkrev)

"Change doesn't originate in the White House" (Sam-loong)

Potential for retrogression in politics 2.0 (cShirk)

pHensher praises AmIdol-et-al (scroll down)

9yo DeclanG's sublime "Walking in the Air" (yT-4min)

wBu ducks righteous Iraqi shoes (Flash-90sec)

"Mom! He's non-verbally quoting Shakespeare at me again!" (oDvrwhr)

Cake-fondant master (1pg w/link)

Simple xmasgift gizmos checklist (mMcA)

Accents guessing-game (Flash via lidia)

US religious beliefs (stats via ntWrong)

Global beggar-thy-neighbor (miSh-arcane)

8000 Twitter faves per year? (sBro-400pg) [Rem-ditto]

Bernanke inflating ponzis (iSteve-short)

't.e.s.l.a.' = freshness of user-testing (cShirk)

Parkour prehistory (yT-90sec via Waxy)

The handful of cattle corralled in the pen shuffle // and huff, gnawing on rotten apples (vDaily)

Awesome 9yo BritneySpears audition clip (Flash-20sec)

Tired: R/T. Wired: R/F. (10of10pg)

jCarter hasn't given up completely on bhOb (Reut)

New ArundhatiRoy on Mumbai (Tom-looong)

Fastfood heartattacks near $1 (NyT-list via lHack)

Housingbubble far from popped (mMcA-graphs)

Still baffled by Twitter's vacuousness (ors¬s-searchpattern)

'denim bubble' = vvhi-priced jeans (2005 via Jz)

Predicting programmer aptitude (cShirk-shortish)

Cranberry Juice Industry Hoping 2009 A Big Year For Urinary Tract Infections (Onion-tsia)

'Alan Moore' on "Simpsons" (1pg-pix via etH)

NPR hosts make over $300K (blog via Mssssppn)

Antikythera-mechanism update (nSci-long w/3min-vid)

Nifty camera-cake (2pg via Make)

Criminally opaque menu of galactic-center videos (ESO via astroPic)

New movies/animations of galactic center (12Mb-QT-3min)

Fart-joke snuck into NewEnglishBible (ntWrong)

New geopolitics sim from France (short via Ktku)

We leaned back, // the tinkling sky / chandeliered with neurons (Poems-longish)

Stats on female masturbation (Jz-thread)

Sprouting reference chart (800*2600 jpeg via Make)

Freaky Sims3 trailer (Flash-60sec)

Still unsafe: only 3% of Iraq refugees have returned (pCock-long)

Stats confirm short-vs-longterm priorities skew (moonAL)

'the coping classes' = less-than-well-to-do (dTongue)

Israel ups Jewish flight-risk? (jWeek)

Zimbabwe hyperinflation in pictures (1pg via miSh)

NewTestamentGreek educational music videos (2Flash-22min via ntWrong)

Investigation of GgBooks' new magazine archives (blog w/links)

5 pairs of WAVs demonstrate 'top-down pop-out' (short via angus)

Lovely old Donovan mp3 (FatAngel)

Betting against indebted US states (Mish-arcane)

tMonk's musical advice (etext via Arthur)

15 syllable poem (tweet)

World GDPs mapped volumetrically in wood (1pg via Make)

Montage of 40 great movie peptalks (yT-2min)

Easy micrometeorite collection (3of5pg via Make)

Ten creative educational toys (Make-1pg)

Anomalous young stars at galactic center (sciBlog)

Nasa's slow road to recycled urine (yT-90sec via nasaW)

Nobody Touching Punch At CIA Xmas Party (Onion-tsia)

Disappointing demo of PhysX eyecandy (Flash-2min via Ktku)

GaryWebb eulogy/postmortem from RobertParry (Cnsrtium)

NPR is broken (philG)

Wainwright clan on Martha Stewart (Flash-2min)

100 classic etexts for NintendoDS (Az-Uk)

SimCity ported to iPhone (Ktku)

"I weep for our generation" (classicPeanuts)

Ten Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time (smart via jLund)

tEagleton on Milton's 400th (ukG)

$45 budgeting tamagotchi (cScout via Ktku)

Unicode gotchas (sMcG-arcane)

Dozens of old RadioShack catalogs (Flash-eg via Make)

wBu ?= Ahab (ukG)

WallSt driven by shortterm not longterm (Atl-loong via 2mm)

17 artistic reflections of Nixon (oAV-2pg w/yTs)

PattiSmith update (ukTms via cWalla)

cShirk finds a 2001 bhOb 'gotcha' the GOP missed (yT-4min)

Stiglitz restates the obvious (ukG via jLund)

The world is much much bigger than Zion (mWeiss)

bhOb ?= Paul Atreides (Dune-equivs)

'Repo Man' sequel back on (vshort via lf)

bhOb's Best-n-Brightest redivivus (NyT via gPost)

30 comic geek-images by glennZ (1pg via aestok)

Afghan supply-routes vulnerable (moonAL)

"...and a lightbulb for baking pie!" (CulDeSac)

Philosophical rave for new $2700 Canon digicam (philG)

MemeWatch: 'weapons of mass *-uction' (table)

Ulysses vs Web2.0 (RWx-vshort)

Wittgenstein, outliners, and LawsOfForm (varcane)

Scary cold-sneeze-virus stats (Scot via lf)

"nobody has ever had this particular conversation before" (longish)

'Twilight' = mascara and treacle (tweet)

Funny Xbox cereal commercial spoof (Flash-2min)

Emotion Markup Language (arcane# via finnB)

Sunset w/smiley (astroPic)

mnftiu.cc's finally got a feed (justnoticed)

$14 Lego terrorist (catalog)

New Pynchon next summer (laTms via cMonk)

Details from 'Atlas of True Names' (5of7 via angus)

ElvisC/MyAimIsTrue reunion boot (7yT, review)

Free bus tickets for illegal aliens (iSteve-short)

World interest-rates graph (gif via iGrd)

Dip Good (Onion-tsia)

GOP's savvy/overlooked use of yTube (cShirk w/yT-2min)

Gold-price funnybusiness (arcanish via 1bit)

Blogger.com suggestions (to Gg) from founder (list)

la belle fille sans sourire (flickr-set)

Gnosticism in NickCave (arcanish w/yT-5min)

a bowl / of horse flesh, a fish you must eat whole (vDaily-dontmiss)

Thoughtful intvu w/Bioshock designer (Forbes via Ktku)

1st $100 laptop from Coby (Indy via Engdgt)

Rave for Cheeta's new autobiog (ukG)

Games deploy academic AI theories (loong via /.)

SusieBright loooves her Kindle (long-nsfw?)

Keep working while yTubes play (howto)

vEarly gospel fragment [not] auctioned today (Sotheby's)

A woman steps behind the vinyl curtain (vDaily-odd)

Mathematica equations w/embedded images (1pg w/pix via Waxy)

Remarkable claim about credit-default swaps (arcanish via lf)

Shiverygood AnnieLennox Joni cover (iMeem-4min-reg-req?)

MarionBarry ?vs bhOb (Sam)

New sexism in EdmundScientific catalog (Jz)

More realistic cgi hairstyles (Flash-3min)

My flickr faves in slideshows (RWx-Flash)

Pre-makeover TinaFey pix (Jz)

Astrology in Narnia? (ukG)

I want to be in that wild (blog-short)

Looking up can be cheering (up) (pic via @r)

Insomnia Jeopardy (NYer-rozC)

Skyshow 2nite (nSci)

Loong TinaFey profile (vF-1pg)

48 celebs answer 'Proust questionnaire' (vF-toc)

tDunc biopic planned (nyPost#)

Twitter's 140char limit born in Copenhagen pizzeria in 1982 (nMast)

The Art of Stage Dancing (1925) (pGut w/pix)

Looong NaomiKlein profile (NYer)

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