06 October 2008

Twitter suggestions

twitter currently uses decimal numbering
of individual tweets:
(10 digits = one billion+ sold)

but by switching to alphanumeric numbering
(like TinyURL.com's)
a billion tweets would require only
6 characters ((26+26+10)^6 = 56,800,235,584)

so links to specific tweets
could be embedded concisely:
eg "//1Qa4rF"
unpacked by tweet-readers to (eg)

while your reader could/should also unpack
mentions of '@username' into two links
one (as now, the username)
a link to that user's aggregated tweets

but the other (presumably just the '@'?)
to a search for all tweets mentioning '@username'
(mostly replies)

and a similar @-search should be offered
(somewhere in each tweet)
for replies to the tweeter herself

nb four compact links:

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