06 October 2008

Understanding Twitter

reddit doesn't understand twitter!?!
(i'm surprised)

  • it's the algonquin roundtable redux:
    a universal competition
    to say memorable things
    in 140 characters or less

    the more you're Favorite-d, the better you're doing

    if you're not finding
    a dozen tweets a day
    worth Favoriting...
    you're doing it wrong

    look at others' Favorites
    to find the wits you like best

    and doublecheck their own Favorites
    so you can subscribe (by rss)
    to those who'll broaden your scope

  • bookmark twitter searches

    watch for interesting hashtags
    or mentions of interesting people

    (these are also rss-able)

    get comfortable with searching on @-names
    to check others' replies
    before replying yourself

  • keep reloading hashtag-searches
    during interesting events
    (#oscars #sotu #superbowl #ted)
    or favorite teevee shows (#house)
    to sample an infinite range of reactions
    and occasional insights

    temporarily follow
    the best of these

  • add friends and family
    (and celebs you wish were f&f)
    not expecting algonquin wit
    but grateful for random
    keeping-in-touch tweets

  • ask/answer questions of the #lazyweb

    monitor memes

    announce time-critical tidbits

twitter is like usenet
where you subscribe to
people not topics


spamfree by design

intolerant of prolixity

easily capturing stray thoughts
and trying them out
on a mostly-forgiving audience