06 October 2008

Birth of blogging

i may or may not use this post
to aggregate debate
about the origins of blogging

my word 'weblog' was intended to summarise
some simple basic design features
that hadn't yet been recognised as such

- the best web links
- of every kind
- briefly described
- added as discovered
- top-down
- keep the page short/quick
- link direct to the juicy stuff
- everybody shares their tastes

existing models all lacked some of these
(justin hall's was long/slow
winer kept rearranging the day's items)

i avoided 'news' at first
looking far and wide for good content
most others hadn't yet discovered

it was a (small) catastrophe
when blogger.com co-opted the word
for online diaries

few people maintain proper weblogs

and i'm still waiting
for a decent online web-logging site
(delicious is closest)

twitter isn't a good fit
urls are masked
archives are clumsy

the explosion of options
has become frustrating

'onebit blogging' a la
hypemachine and flickr
seem hopeful, in their way

[mefi thread]