06 October 2008

Web3.0 trends

there's some webwide design principles
that i'm not sure many people
can see yet

wikipedia needs a page for every product
for every person
for every event

(it should supplant the evil classmates.com
as a gatheringplace for nostalgists)

and it should aggregate ALL links
on every topic
sorting them and rating them

so when your vacuumcleaner breaks
you go to its wikipedia page
(which you bookmarked when you bought it
like all your possessions
in an intelligent database)
and find sorted links
to all pages about that product
including diy repairs

this will put google websearch out of business

its 'best-first' algorithms can't compete

the concept of bookmarking
'to read later'
needs to be refined

we experience a continuous stream
of links we find more or less tempting
and we need to sort and rate these
so that the next-most-attractive
is always a click (or two) away

everything on the web
should be striving to connect individuals
who share common tastes and interests
(eHarmony writ large)

everyone's stream of rating/judgments
automatically compared
with similar-others queued
for speed 'dating'