06 October 2008

Blogging's new dark age

i'm feelin like it's
a new dark age for blogging

millions of tiny twinkling lights
of valuable content that aren't getting
sorted and focused and concentrated
(which is what blogging is
or should be
all about)

the top issues are too difficult
(credit default swaps, jewish exceptionalism)

the content is too plentiful
(flickr, youtube, blogger, twitter)

the technology is a full tech-generation behind
(favoriting + delicious + tumblr = ???)

the cultural leaders are
for the moment
and ethically compromised
(obama's a washout)

pop music is shapeless and forgettable

games are variations on mediocre themes

i try swimming faster and faster
with less and less to show for it

i want to keep up with
innovations in games
without kotaku's 40 posts/day

with movie/celeb gossip
about my faves
without a trillion realityteevee nonentities

i want easy identification
of a community of like-minded favoriters
on flickr/twitter/youtube/etc
with their votes collated to produce
a custom ranking of recent content
as shallow or deep as i have time for

i want to be able to pass on my favorites
with a minimal twitch
(not my current
blogger + delicious + twitter + tumblr)

i want to feel, again
that we're building something together

that our priorities are obvious
and shared

that tech is unifying and simplifying
rather than the opposite