06 October 2008

What flickr/Twitter could learn from HypeMachine

others' faves should be 1stclass streams
with a variety of views

who-subscribes-to-who should be public

more-than-onebit blogs
should be supported too
(eg featuring a content-creator a day
giving background on them)

merge subscriptions to new content
and subscriptions to others' faves
into one stream

prominently feature the count of faves
for each content-item
and conceal/reveal the 1st dozen or so faver-names
within the content-stream

clicking on a faver-name
shows their faves stream
and offers their subscriptions-list
and a single click adds/subscribes-to them

a few things hypem should add:

visible indication of which tunes
you've already tried

onsite user blogs

suggestions of users/blogs/bands/tunes
you'd likely like